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Coming by family tradition from the goldsmith world, in which she herself worked designing gold and silver jewels for thirty years, Elisabetta Maistrello (1971, Padua) initially approached the world of art as a self-taught. Later he attended figurative and hyperrealist painting studies, as well as sculpture, in particular with the masters Vincenzo Ursoleo and the hyperrealist Luigi Pellanda, with whom he refined the pictorial technique and the theory of color.

Since 2017 the works of Elisabetta Maistrello have been permanently at the Banca Fideuram of Padua and Verona.

Elisabetta Maistrello comes to art from the goldsmith world, a parallel world that has formed her to the taste for beauty and to the search, at the same time, of simplicity, of the few essential traits to make an idea. Combining the advice of her two masters in painting, Vincenzo Ursoleo and the hyperrealist Luigi Pellanda, one who urged her to follow her creative instinct spontaneously, the other who instead initiated her to a technical training more solid, Elisabetta Maistrello in a few years has developed her personal style, managing to give shape to its contents. Preferential theme, the face of a woman, in a sort of journey around the female universe to approach, perhaps, transversely to its own interiority. In fact, there are no self-portraits of Elisabetta Maistrello, as if all the women, together, constitute one immense and never finished one: her works as facets of her own identity.

The faces of the women portrayed by Maistrello are sometimes real, sometimes imaginary, but in both cases they return that vibration that makes them human, in their being unique. The features are always plausible and particular, never idealized in a perfect form that cancels their identity. Initially stylized, poised between the essential shades of red, white and black, the faces of Elisabetta Maistrello over time have acquired the chromatic variant as a strong stylistic signature. The importance of color is declared in the very name that Maistrello chose for her pictorial style, “Chromatic eccentrism”, an expression that combines the centrifugal thrust of the brush strokes with the power of color.

The brushstrokes are short and thick, often material, and seem to recall on a large scale the delicate strokes of the chisel, a tool that Maistrello used in her previous career as a gold and silver goldsmith. Elisabetta Maistrello, daughter of art, has translated the characteristics of this millenary art into the pictorial field by transforming the chisel into the fine brush that engraves and hollows out the black of the eyes, and leaving to the white, which seems to emerge in relief, the task of giving light to the look and to the whole figure. With a quick and instinctive gesture, the artist applies touches of color on the canvas, giving shape to the shapeless. Here there is no need for contour lines, if not those just mentioned that make up the shadow of the face. Then the volume creates itself. The color is unmade, shapeless, mellow and tenacious on the canvas, but held together by a force that forces it into shape and makes it emerge from the monochrome background, mostly light, which can be glimpsed below and behind the figure as an additional color .

Maistrello seems to have instinctively learned the lesson of the Venetian colourists who, by contrasting with the drawing, recreated the shape from light and pigments. Using adjacent complementary colors, passing through the decomposition of the optical prism applied by pointillisme and the expressionist recomposition in bright and contrasting color combinations, Elisabetta Maistrello gives her women, with her particular technique, the radiant light of a jewel.

Since 2008 he has exhibited in collective and personal exhibitions


2019, “Who am I? One, none ... one hundred thousand ", 47 Anno Domini Vineyards, Roncade (TV), curated by Roberta Gubitosi

2019, “Who am I? One, none ... one hundred thousand ", Fideuram Private Banker Branch, in collaboration with Tridente Motors, Padua, edited by Stefania Zilio

2018, "Physis and Psyche " , Catajo Castle, Battaglia Terme (PD), curated by Beunida Melissa Shani

2018, bipersonal " Nature that sings with the soul " , Castello del Catajo, Battaglia Terme (PD), curated by Beunida Melissa Shani
2017, "The look of the heart", Caffè Pedrocchi, Padua, curated by Barbara Codogno
2015, "Beyond The Impossible", Le Pepè, Vigonovo (VE), curated by Barbara Codogno


2019, “Past Present Future”, Rhetie, Vicenza, curated by Stefania Zilio
2019, "Harmony of opposites " , Mazzoleni Foundation Gallery, Portopiccolo Sistiana, Trieste, curated by Fabrizio Deotto
2019, "Artevents", Mazzoleni Foundation Gallery, Forte Village, Santa Margherita di Pula (CA) curated by Mario Mazzoleni

2019, “Metamorphosis”, Ess & rre Gallery, Ostia, Rome, curated by Roberto Sparaci

2019, "Artevents", Mazzoleni Foundation Gallery, Forte Village, Pula (CA), curated by Mario Mazzoleni

2019, "RI-traits of Woman" by Rhetie at the Biosphere Space, Padua, curated by Stefania Zilio

2018, " The Pleasure of Emerging in Art", Spazio Biosfera, Padua, curated by Stefania Zilio

2018, collective of San Martino, with the participation of Luca Nannipieri, Mazzoleni Foundation, Alzano Lombardo (BG) curated by Mario Mazzoleni

2018, " Emergere", Spazio Biosfera, Padua

2017, " MAG Mediolanum Art Gallery - P.tta Bussolin, 21 - Padua.

2016, "Nowart", curated by the gallery Inarte Werkkunst Italia, Mediolanum Art Gallery, Padua, with the presence of Vittorio Sgarbi

2014, VIII edition of "Abano le Terme dell'Arte", Abano Terme, Padua

2013, "Artists and Goats", The shop of Sgarbi, Pesaro

2013, “Momart”, Palazzo Gran Guardia, Padua curated by Alessandra Andreosi
2012, “Momart”, Palazzo Gran Guardia, Padua curated by Alessandra Andreosi

2010, “Face to face”, Symposium gallery, Milan
2009, Collective sculpture "Con-creta-mente", Church of Santa Maria Assunta Monticello C. Otto, Vicenza


2017, International Contemporary Art Award curated by Giorgio Grasso, President of the jury Vittorio Sgarbi
2015, winner of the first prize "Vote your favorite artist" at the "MoMArt Art Exhibition", Ex Macello, Padua, curated by Barbara Codogno

2009, G. Mondadori International Competition, November Art Prize


2020, Affordable Art Fair, Expart, Bibbiena (AR)

2020, BAF Bergamo Arte Fiera, Ess & rre Gallery, Rome

2019, Arte Padova, Ess & rre Gallery, Rome

2019, Arte Forlì, Ess & rre Gallery in Rome
2014, Momart, Padua

2013, Momart, Padua

2012, Arte Padova, with participation in the CAT award

2012, Momart, Padua

2011, Momart, Padua
2008, XI Edition Trastevere in Arte, Vicenza

2019-2020, participation in the Acca Project on Arteinvestimenti
2019, event in collaboration with Chef Stefano Agostini, 19.94 Restaurant and Krug champagne, Padua

2013, live presence of digital terrestrial TV channel 78 on Arte Tivù Lab Orler, for 4 episodes

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