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Masterpieces you wear and then hang on your home wall when your creativity is ready. With ART TO WEAR you become an integral part of the work. Taking it with you wherever you go you will create together with the artist ART IN MOTION. Not a static work hanging only on a wall but a work that walks the streets, streets, squares wherever you want . Moments of reality transmitted on canvas that you wear today and frame tomorrow. The concept therefore has the value of a work valued at thousands of euros that today you can have at the price of a quality t-shirt. Let's call it an investment. With Art to Wear, you don't buy a simple t-shirt but a concept, a philosophy and a vision that have the value of a work of art. Those who cannot afford a work on canvas today can satisfy this desire.

If you are a person, man or woman, who loves the concept of uniqueness to stand out from the crowd, if you believe that the outfit is not just dressing but communicating a message, you are the person who fully represents the Wearable Art.

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